When asked what first comes to mind when she thinks of Carleton University, Nancy Delcellier, Director of Environmental Health and Safety, promptly responded with one word—community. For Nancy, becoming a donor through Carleton provided her with the opportunity to be part of community impact by supporting causes that align with the University’s strategic direction to ‘Serve Ottawa, Serve the World’. As she says, “Being a donor is an ideal way to participate in Carleton’s strategic mission to give back.”

It is through Nancy’s philanthropic support that she believes she can be part of creating a better future, while synchronously supporting funds that align with her personal values and beliefs. One fund that resonated deeply with Nancy is the Laura Thomas Summer Research Internship, as it was a meaningful way of continuing Laura’s legacy to support fellow colleagues and students—a value that is close to her own heart. Like Nancy, Laura was an ardent ambassador for Health and Safety on campus, and was committed to ensuring our community remained safe.

In addition, Nancy donates to a breadth of funds including CU Wise and Carleton’s Engineers Without Borders, and became a monthly donor to the Geoheritage Park and Geological Time Trail Fund based on her passion for supporting scientific initiatives driven by women. “Being a monthly donor is effective and ensures that I carry through with my intentions,” says Nancy.

Since joining Carleton in 2011 as staff, Nancy has forged an even deeper connection with the University as the proud mom of two alumnae. Her youngest daughter completed her undergraduate degree at Carleton and is now a second-grade teacher, and her eldest daughter completed her master’s degree and later went on to pursue medical school. Nancy credits Carleton for being an integral part of their growth by paving their way to becoming contributing members of the community.

When she isn’t in her office, Nancy enjoys availing herself to the campus amenities by walking on the track in the Fieldhouse in the winter and enjoying the scenery along Dow’s Lake during her summer runs. As a recent grandmother to an 18-month-old baby girl, she is already hoping that becoming a Carleton Raven may be on her radar in the future.

“Carleton is an amazing institution, and in my role I have seen the way we are innovating, leading amazing teaching & research and how we are getting involved in the community,” says Nancy. She continues, “I am happy that I can be a part of supporting that as a donor.”

Behind the Donor Curtain:

Do you have a personal motto / credo / saying?

Stay safe.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

A doctor.

If you could meet anyone who inspires you, who would it be?

Marie Curie.

Where is your favourite spot on campus?

Anywhere outdoors where I can see the water.

What inspires you to “do good” by supporting the Carleton community?

Watching students engage, interact, smiling and laughing.