Lessons from a 6-Year-Old Guatemalan

by Leo Solano
At Carleton, we believe experiences outside the classroom are vital to a student’s development and growth. We believe these experiences instill in students a...
Dr. Chris Caruthers

Meet Our Champions: Dr. Chris Carruthers

20161026 by Fateema Sayani
The Champions series by Sarah Brown profiles those who are supporting social and economic good in society. This is Carleton’s founding premise and it’s...

Meet Our Champions: Nik Nanos

20161012 by Fateema Sayani
“Being in the line of work I’m in, I have a significant amount of respect for journalists and good journalism.” The Champions series by Sarah...
Norah Vollmer, Carleton University. Photo by Chris Roussakis

The Champions: Meet Norah Vollmer

20161003 by Fateema Sayani
  She arrived at Carleton University as a student in 1992 and has found it impossible to leave. Norah Vollmer, BAHons/96, does double-duty on campus,...

Collaborate Launches On Campus

by rubymisra
We wholly believe that through higher education Carleton University contributes to the greater good. When we look back at our first 75 years, and forward to...