Inspire, Be Inspired, Leave a Legacy…

The Women in Science and Engineering – Carleton University (CU-WISE) Chapter was re-established in 2007. This student-run organization at Carleton University has a direct vision of supporting and celebrating women in the field related to science and engineering. Our primary objective is to create and promote a diverse and inclusive environment in which women can come together, discuss creative ideas and take leadership roles.  Our organization aims at personal and professional development, mainly focusing on networking, diversification, and equality in the Science and Engineering field. CU-WISE is the perfect example of women empowerment, demonstrating women as the leaders of today and tomorrow!

Funds will be used for networking events, panels, mentoring, professional development, STEM workshops, and mental health days. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we were sending out kits for our STEM workshops that included the necessary tools and fun tidbits. Also, because we want to gear these workshops to women from low income families who have the least access to resources, this fund will support the cost of organizing and preparing these packages.

CU-WISE at Carleton has become a community of female leaders, resolute in their vision and committed to their mission of inspiring others to do the same.