The Geoheritage Park and Geological Time Trail initiative will provide a space to learn about the local geological history and build a deeper understanding of the vast expanse of geological time.  We will relocate and enhance an existing display of boulders, and build a 4.6 kilometer accessible trail.

The park will be located along the Rideau River and showcase a collection of boulders representing the local geological history.  The installation will provide opportunities for Carleton Earth Science students, school children and the public to learn more about the processes and events that shaped our campus and community.

The Background

The Geoheritage Park will be connected to the landscape near the Rideau River, and eventually connected to a 4.6 kilometer accessible geological time trail around and through campus.  The Geological Time Trail will allow students and visitors to campus to experience the immense span of geological time, and to learn about the events, life forms and processes that created our landscape.  These two installations will provide educational opportunities for both Carleton’s Science students and visitors to campus, enhancing the outdoor spaces and connecting our teaching and learning to our place.

The Rollout

Funds will augment Carleton University Campus Outdoor Space Masterplan funds ensuring the Geoheritage Park and the Geological Time Trail and will be used to relocate boulders to the Rideau River location, to design, create and install interpretive signage for this display, to design and construct the time trail and related signage and design and create a website to enrich engagement.

The Impact

The Geoheritage Park and Geological Time Trail will create a learning legacy that celebrates engagement with the natural world and our connection to Carleton’s campus outdoor environment, past and present.    Earth Sciences and all Carleton students will have a permanent space for hands-on engagement with ancient rocks in direct connection with modern processes happening within the Rideau River.   This space will become a learning centre and be featured during our annual Geoheritage Day event.  We are confident the Geoheritage Park installation can be completed by October of 2022, when the very first UN International Geodiversity Day will take place.  We hope to have a huge celebration!


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