On February 11, 2019, Carleton announced that we have officially surpassed the $300 million goal of our Collaborate Campaign! The campaign continues and will officially close at a community celebration on April 17, 2019.

In an effort to show our gratitude and to commemorate the outcomes we achieved together through Collaborate, we’ve launched a nine-week digital initiative called Thank You Thursday. Each Thursday, we will share the positive impact realized through the campaign in various priority areas thanks to the generosity of our donors. THANK YOU for all your support—cheers to being Here for Good!


In today’s global economy, our efforts are focused on doing good not only in the Carleton and Ottawa communities, but across international borders. As we teach and support our students through their development, we aim to mold global citizens. Through our research endeavours, we hope to achieve far-reaching impacts. As we connect, collaborate, and establish partnerships, we strive to influence positive change across the world.

By supporting Carleton throughout Collaborate, our donors have helped us expand our international impact in a variety of ways. For example:

  • Announced this week, Professor Emeritus Carl McMillan established the McMillan Chair in Russian Studies within the Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (EURUS), which will attract an established scholar to Carleton and will help Carleton make an international impact in the field of Russian Studies through teaching and research excellence, mentoring, and outreach efforts;
  • Relatedly, we continue to expand our teaching and research expertise on Europe and European integration as well as expand our internship, co-op placements, and study abroad opportunities in Europe, Russia and Eurasia through EURUS thanks to grants from the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and donors including Kinross Gold Corporation and Carl McMillan. These generous supporters have made donations that elevate and expand the Institute’s initiatives, including guest lecturers, visiting scholars, international conferences, student travel for research, and Russian language and literature programming;
  • We contribute to the multicultural landscape at Carleton and expand our ability to reach and collaborate with foreign nations by creating bursaries and scholarships for international students. David Chua, Humphrey Law and Alex Law made substantial contributions towards establishing bursaries and scholarships for international students from Hong Kong. Cuckoo and Madhu Kochar made a generous gift to create the Kochar Family Scholarships for students from India pursuing graduate studies in engineering, architecture or urbanism;
  • Through the Canada-India Centre, we made strides in promoting bilateral ties between Canada and India by carrying out policy-relevant research, disseminating information, and offering workshops and professional development courses aimed at encouraging engagement. With support from donors, the Canada-India Centre was collaboratively established on campus in 2010 by Carleton, leaders of the Canada-Indo community, and the high commissioner of India;
  • We increased our international efforts in research and student experience; with support from the Estate of William Barton, we established the Barton Award in Arms Control and Disarmament, the Barton Travel Bursary, and the William and Jeanie Barton Chair in International Affairs;
  • Through research efforts, we strive to make a positive impact on global countries and communities that are experiencing conflict, specifically by ensuring that reconstructive participants within conflict zones have the skills and knowledge to successfully contribute to lasting peace. The Dr. Kenneth Bush Bursary in Peace and Conflict Studies, endowed by the Bush family and friends in loving memory of Dr. Kenneth Bush, supports outstanding graduate students specializing in the area of peace and conflict studies within the Norman Paterson School of international Affairs (NPSIA);
  • We helped students develop well-rounded, global mindsets and gain experience in new cultures by enabling them to participate in international exchanges and internships through various programs:
    • Scotiabank established and endowed the International Exchange Awards, which support students who are participating in official exchanges in countries where Scotiabank operates;
    • The Centre for Media and Transitional Societies Developing World Media Internship Program supports internship placements in 11 developing countries for journalism students; it is delivered in partnership with the Uniterra program of the World University Service of Canada and is supported by the Reader’s Digest Foundation;
    • As part of their degree, students enrolled in the Bachelor of Global and International Studies (BGInS) program must complete an International Experience Requirement. In 2018, Chris H. Braeuel endowed the Chris H. Braeuel Busary in Global and International Studies, which provides support to students participating in the International Exchange component and who have demonstrated financial need;
    • Through crowdfunding efforts, we’ve made progress towards endowing the David Cray Bachelor of International Business (BIB) Bursary, which supports students in the BIB program as they spend a year abroad developing proficiency in an additional language and participating in academic, linguistic, and social activities;
    • The Architecture Directed Studies Abroad Award allows architecture students to observe and engage in urban situations outside of Canada, visit the offices of internationally renowned architects, and document specific sites that serve as the context for their design project during the semester.