On February 11, 2019, Carleton announced that we have officially surpassed the $300 million goal of our Collaborate Campaign! The campaign continues and will officially close at a community celebration on April 17, 2019.

In an effort to show our gratitude and to commemorate the outcomes we achieved together through Collaborate, we’ve launched a nine-week digital initiative called Thank You Thursday. Each Thursday, we will share the positive impact realized through the campaign in various priority areas thanks to the generosity of our donors. THANK YOU for all your support—cheers to being Here for Good!


Just as students are at the heart of all that we do, improvements in our teaching and learning efforts are paramount to our success. In order to maximize our students’ learning and developmental opportunities at Carleton, we must continually innovate and improve upon our educational and research resources, facilities, equipment, and materials. Our donors, who are acutely aware of this priority, have generously supported our teaching and learning goals throughout Collaborate. For example:

  • We recently broke ground on the construction of the new Nicol Building, which will provide state-of-the-art learning facilities to the Sprott School of Business. The construction of the Nicol Building was kick-started by a significant gift from Wes Nicol;
  • Carleton’s general endowment fund was bolstered by a donation from the Singhal family, which will allow us to support students’ learning in perpetuity via student awards, scholarships, and other projects. The Singhal family’s gift was recognized through the renaming of the former River Building to Richcraft Hall;
  • A variety of new labs, which will enable students to develop tangible skills and get hands-on training in their fields of study, have been created with support from donors, including the Jo Yung Wong Laboratory for Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Mobility, Guidance and Control; the H.I.H Saravanamuttoo Gas Turbine Laboratory; the Hydro Ottawa Laboratory for Smart Grid Technologies; and the Delta Controls Laboratory;
  • Architecture students will have a new space in which to study, reflect upon, discuss, and share their passion for architecture and urbanism. The Margaret Anne (Nan) Griffiths Memorial Seminar Room is being established with support from the Griffiths family in loving memory of Nan Griffith, a beloved former professor in the School of Architecture who passed away in January 2018. The space will be located within the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism and will house Nan’s book collection (along with collections of other emeriti faculty);
  • In order to augment students’ learning and preserve important historical information, we improved upon the MacOdrum Library’s resources, archives, and book collections. Various donors gave through Carleton to support this goal:
    • Don Beecher, Professor in Carleton’s Department of English Language and Literature and longest serving Carleton faculty member, has donated a plethora of rare books in addition to financial gifts to the library. His contributions have been recognized by the naming of two rooms in the MacOdrum library;
    • The Ugandan-Asian Archives Collection, which records and captures the experiences of Ugandan-Asian refugees who were ordered to leave their country in 1972, is supported in large part by two families: the Fakirani family, who helped to launch the archive in 2014, and the Carrassco family, who have made generous financial gifts and donated a hand-written ledger of all Ugandan Asians that came to Canada as the result of the 1972 expulsion. Rooms in MacOdrum have been established to honour the two families’ contributions. Additional donors have made gifts to support the digitization of the Ugandan-Asian Archives Collection, enabling access to people all over the world;
    • Jim and Lynne Carlisle helped to purchase the Sunday Times Digital Archive, a multidisciplinary collection of investigative journalism pieces, books, and other information distributed by the UK publication. The Carlisles’ contribution was acknowledged through the naming of a seminar room in the library;
    • Carleton staff, faculty, and retirees banded together to raise substantial funding to add diverse collections to MacOdrum through the Campus Community Campaign. The Carleton community’s fundraising efforts were recognized through the naming of a room in the library: the Carleton University Campus Community Campaign Seminar Room;
    • Parents of Carleton students and alumni raised significant funding towards library collections, resulting in the naming of the Parents’ Seminar Room in MacOdrum;
  • Multiple donors have established spaces in the library to support students’ learning, including the New Sun Joy Maclaren Adaptive Technology Centre (established by Joy Maclaren) and the Elaine C. Taylor Study Room (established by Lisa and Steve Emberson).