On February 11, 2019, Carleton announced that we have officially surpassed the $300 million goal of our Collaborate Campaign! The campaign continues and will officially close at a community celebration on April 17, 2019.

In an effort to show our gratitude and to commemorate the outcomes we achieved together through Collaborate, we’ve launched a nine-week digital initiative called Thank You Thursday. Each Thursday, we will share the positive impact realized through the campaign in various priority areas thanks to the generosity of our donors. THANK YOU for all your support—cheers to being Here for Good!


Since our inception, Carleton has been committed to pursuing gender diversity and equality in the workplace and in society more broadly. Our donors, sharing our passion in this area, help us achieve our goal of creating equal opportunities for women in the workplace through research, programming, support, and advocacy. For example:

  • The Centre for Research and Education on Women and Work (CREWW) has received funding from multiple partners and donors, including the RBC Foundation. Thanks to the generosity of these donors, we’re able to provide support and opportunities to our female students as well as carry out research and dissemination efforts on women in work, with the goal of educating academics and the broader community;
  • Various awards have been created to provide equal opportunity to our female students. For example, the Leacross Foundation Bursaries, created with funding from Roslyn Bern and the Leacross Foundation, are awarded to female students with the intention of providing professional development opportunities and supporting women in their endeavours to pursue management and leadership roles. The Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) – Ottawa has also created several awards to support women, including the CFUW National 100th Anniversary Scholarship. The scholarship was endowed in 2017 and is awarded annually to an outstanding female Indigenous student;
  • In partnership with Goldcorp Inc., we help to inspire women from across the country to become leaders in their organizations and to reinforce their confidence in their skills and abilities through Carleton’s Advancing Women Leaders Program (AWLP), presented by CREWW;
  • We strive to create opportunities for women in engineering and to foster an environment of support that motivates our female students to pursue and excel in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Recognizing the lingering gender imbalance in STEM fields as well as the value that women can bring to these disciplines, multiple Carleton alumni and faculty have made efforts to support our female students:
    • As the father of a female civil engineer, alumnus Akbar Mashaie believes in empowering women to pursue careers in STEM. In 2017, he endowed the Akbar Mashaie Scholarship, which supports female students entering bachelor degree programs in the Faculty of Engineering and Design;
    • Alumnus Elias Nemer, brother of a female environmental engineer and a keen proponent of the diverse perspective women can bring to STEM fields, endowed the Nemer Family Scholarship in 2016. The scholarship provides support to female students in the Computer Systems Engineering program;
    • Professor emeritus Gunther Bauer and his wife, Mrs. Irmgard Bauer, endowed the Gunther and Irmgard Bauer Scholarship in Environmental Engineering in 2017, in honour of their daughters. The scholarship is awarded to female students entering the Environmental Engineering program;
    • Yves and Cynthia Bled endowed the Future Achievers Scholarships in 2017 in order to celebrate and reward future female engineers. The scholarships are awarded annually to female students proceeding from third to fourth year in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and Computer Systems Engineering;
  • In an effort to support young women in becoming well-rounded citizens—through their studies, athletics, and community engagement activities—the McKeen Metro Glebe Scholarship is awarded to female varsity student-athletes who have demonstrated a passion for community service. The scholarship was endowed in 2016 by Jim and Rebecca McKeen;
  • We support women in their pursuit of excellence in technology-related fields by helping to send female students to the Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC), a large, world-renowned conference that celebrates women in technology. Various donors help to raise funds to cover the costs of attending the conference through the FutureFunder project ‘Diversity Matters: Supporting Women in Computer Science.’