Doug Bullock, MSW/83, always knew he wanted to make a difference in the area of social policy.  Now, he’s honouring that commitment by ensuring future students of Carleton University’s School of Social Work will continue to make a positive change in local communities and around the world.

After graduating with a Masters degree in Social Work, Bullock went on to work at the Addiction Research Foundation, in Ottawa, ON. It was here that Bullock saw—first-hand—some of the inequalities that are present in today’s societal framework.

“Poverty. I saw it so much in my work,” said Bullock. “People with the biggest social issues often have the most limited resources. It seems unjust.”

Bullock always knew he wanted to leave a legacy—to one day contribute what he could to a cause he was passionate about. But, it wasn’t until a friend of his was diagnosed with breast cancer, in her early forties, that he realized the time was now.

“I decided it was better to start to contribute while I’m alive,” said Bullock.

When it came to deciding where his funds would go, the answer came easily. “I developed an attachment to Carleton University,” he said. “ It gave me great inspiration. I learned so much from my professors and attending as a mature student, people were really helpful. I grew so much from the experience I had at this school.”

Bullock now contributes annually to Carleton’s Centre for Studies in Poverty and Social Citizenship and through a scholarship founded in his parents’ memory, the Doug and Ollie Bullock Memorial Bursary. He has also pledged a portion of his estate to Carleton, that will go directly to the School of Social Work.

“I want my legacy to be an ongoing fund that’s going to help student’s with tuition and enrich their studies. There’s just an endless source of possibility when you invest in education.”

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