Ravens Women’s Ultimate Club

Ravens Women’s Ultimate Club

The Rundown

The Ravens Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team is a competitive and fast-growing sports group. The team competes in tournaments at the provincial and national level, attracting more and more talent each year. In October 2016, Ravens Women’s Ultimate made it to Tier 1 at Nationals and competed against top schools in the country. Throughout the school year, the team practices 2-3 days per week, in addition to high-intensity team fitness workouts. The team continues to work tirelessly throughout the winter season by practicing indoors in preparation for more tournaments.

The Background

The team has passion. The team has skill. The team puts in effort. What the team lacks is funding to be able to logistically attend more tournaments. Especially as the number of team members grows, they are now able to send an A and B team to tournaments, so there are more travel costs associated with each event. Help support our players so that they can have the opportunity to play at more tournaments, including those in the USA. By supporting the team, you are enabling the athletes to grow and experience Ultimate at a whole new level.

The Rollout

The team’s fundraising goal is $3,000. This will help subsidize the cost of winter tournament fees, travel expenses, and hotels.

The Benefits

The success of this campaign will allow 40 young female athletes to play the sport that they love. By providing these ladies the support they need to be able to travel and play internationally, the reputation of Carleton University’s competitive athletics programs will continue to grow.

Other Comments

We thank you kindly for your support! For more information about the team and how to get involved, visit http://carletonstealthultimate.weebly.com/


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