The Carleton Ravens Women’s Curling Competitive Club will see a group of dedicated student-athletes work together towards success both academically, personally, and in sport. As this group balances their time between busy academic course loads, work schedules, on and off ice training, as well as weekend competitions, we hope to keep our momentum going. The curling program’s commitment to competing at a high-level, results in high demand for financial resources. We are honoured to represent the Carleton Ravens and have done so with success and pride. Our cause is to raise funds to off-set the costs of playing the game we love at a high level.

Funds will be used to cover everything from bonspiel entry fees, membership, ice time, equipment costs, food, gas, accommodations, and so much more poses a significant cost to our team. As these costs are out-of-pocket for us, we are looking to generous donors and community members to support a young, U25 women’s curling team to help us reach our goals and play the sport we love at a level that fuels us to be our best both on and off the ice.

The curling community is a special one. While the game itself offers exciting strategy, shot-making, and skill, the sport and those who play it offer so much more. Curling’s values are based on sportsmanship, hard-work, respect, dignity for others, and lifelong friends.

More recently, curling has made an impact on communities both big and small by ensuring that anyone who wishes to curl is accepted and celebrated within our sport. We are proud to be a part of curling’s movement towards a more inclusive, diverse, and accessible sport for everyone; no matter their age, race, ability or social location.