In the 2022/2023 season the Carleton Ravens Varsity Women’s Basketball Team has had one of it’s most successful seasons to date by winning a second U Sport Championship Title. While the players, coaches and everybody involved are very excited about this achievement, we are hungry for more and are looking to build and grow on this success! With the 2023/2024 season just underway and the home opener atmosphere still in our minds we are ready to take on our upcoming games and are looking forward to welcoming all of you in the Ravens Nest for our home games in January. Your support on and off the court means a lot to us and makes every win so much sweeter!

Your generous gift to this fund will support overall program enhancements including the student-athletic experience, academic assistance, recruitment, and vital training resources.  Any school can field a team, but it takes philanthropy to build a championship team.  Thanks to the generosity of parents, fans and friends, Ravens women’s basketball is firmly entrenched as one of the premier programs in the country.

How your donation helps

This season, our target is to ensure that our players have access to essential nutritional resources. With the increase in the cost of living and groceries, many of our athletes are struggling to afford to eat healthily on a regular basis.  With your gift, we plan to offer our athletes a nutritional meal after a practice or game once a week and we would like to increase the amount of money the athletes get on the road for meals so that they can eat well and fuel their bodies properly, both before and after games.

In addition, it would be very helpful to offer further nutritional resources such as protein powders and recovery drinks to support our athletes with their overall health and strength.

Besides taking on the financial side of making sure our athletes get healthy meals and supplements, we would love to have a nutritionist come and educate the athletes about overall health-sleep, recovery, and nutrition to ensure that even when groceries and living costs are going down again, they know how to take care of their bodies.

It demands a lot from a body to perform and play at such a high level and at the same time pursue a university degree.  Therefore, a balanced diet is essential to provide sufficient energy and perseverance to perform on and off the court.  In addition, a nutritious and balanced diet reduces the chance of injury and fatigue.

Your contribution will have both a short- and long-term impact by improving and ensuring access to essential nutritional resources which will help our athletes perform on the court and in the long run maintain a healthy body during their academic journey.

Furthermore, we always seek new and more opportunities to develop our student-athletes on the field, in the classroom, and in the community.

Your contributions will directly translate into fueling the success and performance of our student – athletes during their demanding season.

Quote from a player:

“On behalf of myself and the women’s basketball team, we are incredibly grateful for our supporters and donors. With the generosity you provide, we are fortunate enough to have opportunities in the classroom and on the court, that many other people do not get to experience.

The Carleton community is one I am proud to be a part of. Having the opportunity to play basketball here is something really special to me, and your support helps my teammates and I build relationships and memories that will last us lifetimes.”

-Jacqueline Urban-2nd year Forward from Hamilton, ON studying psychology