August 4th 2022 marked the fiftieth anniversary of the Asian expulsion from Uganda, leading to the forced displacement of thousands of Ugandan Asian refugees around the world. Since 2012, a team of archivists and researchers at Carleton University have been documenting this important moment in immigration history through the acquisition of archival material and the recording of personal recollections of the expulsion. The result is the Uganda Collection, a collection of materials related to the displacement and resettlement of Ugandan Asian refugees.

With your support, the Uganda Collection will continue to preserve the collective memory of a significant immigrant community. This collection will be used by researchers studying immigration, diaspora, African political history and a wide variety of other areas. Faculty members will also use the collection for teaching—giving undergraduate and graduate students the important experience of working with primary source materials.

Funds raised for the Uganda Collection will be used to:

  • Conduct oral history interviews with members of the Ugandan Asian community
  • Transcribe oral history interviews for public use
  • Process archival material for physical and online exhibition
  • Create archival finding aids for online research, and
  • Perform any long-term preservation necessary on archival material

If you are interested in donating archival material, please contact: