The Student AccessAbility Training Initiative (formerly the Student Accessibility Champions Program) invests in student growth by providing stackable skills that complement content-specific upskilling, foster awareness of workplace power skills, and promote personal and professional development in accessibility.

The Student AccessAbility Training initiative provides leadership and skills development for students interested in accessibility. The program is not just about education; it is about fostering an accessibility mindset. With guidance and direction from mentors, students personally engage in experiences that will expand their knowledge, awareness, and understanding of accessibility, disability, and inclusion.

We are more than just a program. We are a movement for change, driven by the individual contributions of our students. It is an experience where all students’ abilities are not only acknowledged but strengthened and where accomplishments intertwine with personal growth.

What’s in it for you as a Donor?

  • Support experiential learning and leadership experiences for students
  • Empower student voices, giving them the platform and tools, they need to become change agents
  • Build inclusive communities and legacy by investing in student ambassadors working to ensure that accessibility takes centre stage

Hear from our students:

“I decided to use my voice to speak up to the pressing need to consider accessibility in terms of diversity and not as a defined checklist to simply be checked off.”  Patricia Bérubé

“It is validation that the voice I cultivated matters, and not only have I left behind ripples in my community, but it gives me the confidence to take my voice out into the world around me.” Rebecca Andre

Your investment will provide:

  • Student Honorarium
  • Skills training costs
  • Support for a peer coordinator

Join us in shaping a brighter future, one where potential knows no bounds, professional success is deeply fulfilling, and accessibility and access are universal rights. Together, we’re unlocking the doors to a world of opportunity for every student and every community, fostering an accessibility mindset and celebrating