Squash is an exciting, dynamic fast paced racket sport played around the world by recreational to competitive athletes. For the first time in 2019-20 Carleton fielded women’s and men’s teams that compete against varsity and club university teams across Ontario and Quebec in league play and in the Canadian University Squash Championships.  The Carleton University Competitive Squash Women’s and Men’s Teams are looking to raise funds to support player development, competition costs and to lay the foundation for long term success. All athletes on the team are dedicated full time students (undergraduate, graduate, domestic and international) who are making significant commitments to practicing and developing their squash skills, all while maintaining their excellent academic standing.

There are hundreds of junior squash players in the Ottawa area and thousands across Ontario. By starting a university competitive team, Carleton is providing an opportunity for these athletes to combine a world class student centered education with continued participation in competitive sport. For the student squash athletes already at Carleton, your support helps build a strong connection to the university, reinforces our commitment to their success and interests, and showcases their excellence to the community. Already the squash community around the province is talking about the early success of the program and we look forward to growing with your support.