One of the truly unique advantages for Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business students is the opportunity to participate in the Sprott Student Investment Fund (SSIF). The SSIF is an actively managed equity portfolio run by a group of highly-engaged finance students. A career-forward, hands-on learning opportunity, students leverage the knowledge they gain in the classroom in a practical money-managing activity and apply industry-caliber investment strategies in an educationally supported, team environment.

The SSIF has allowed me to interact with other aspirational finance students, professionals and intellectually test myself by applying my own knowledge of the markets into active management of a real portfolio. The skills and connections I have acquired in the process have been extremely valuable in my academic career”. – Jack Wright, Sector Manager, Sprott Student Investment Fund

The SSIF operates year-round and allows for 20-26 students to participate in this immersive experiential learning opportunity under the guidance of a faculty advisor.

The SSIF was established in January 2007 with $50,000 seed money and then received an additional $500,000 in 2011. In March 2022, the fund crossed $2M in assets under management.

For more information on the comprehensive nature of this impressive program we invite you to view the Sprott Student Investment Fund’s Annual Report.

The Rollout:

Gifts to the Sprott Student Investment Fund allow students to participate in unique experiential learning opportunities such as workshops and conferences, finance-specific industry events, office tours, career exploration conversations and the chance to visit financial hubs such as Toronto and New York. These types of opportunities for industry exposure accelerate learning, enable confidence, improve employability outcomes and allow students to access and build relationships with community and business leaders in the finance sector.


In supporting the Sprott Student Investment Fund, donors will enhance students’ skills in critical thinking and analysis, responsible and sustainable investing, decision-making and collaboration in a team environment, allowing them to enter the workplace as thoughtful, engaged and immediate contributors.

I initially joined the Sprott Student Investment Fund seeing it as a simple extracurricular activity that happened to align with my interests. Three years later, I’ve learned more about finance than I could have imagined and have had the pleasure of meeting and working with many amazing students and industry professionals. Being on Fund has opened up incredible experiential and career opportunities for me, the likes of which would not be possible without support for the program”. – Daniel Cheung, Portfolio Manager, Sprott Student Investment Fund

Members of the SSIF alumni network maintain connections with each other post-graduation and often participate in SSIF activities for current students. SSIF alumni go on to work as successful finance professionals in roles such as private equity, asset management, investment banking and other related fields in financial hubs across the globe such as Toronto, New York, Miami, Hong Kong and London.

2022-23 cohort of the Sprott Student Investment Fund