Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Sprott Dean’s Fund supports experiential learning opportunities, special projects and investments in tools and opportunities that enable the success of the students and communities we serve. Funds are allocated by direction of the Dean based on projects or items that are priorities that year for the faculty.

Current priorities for the Dean’s Fund include experiential learning, entrepreneurship, social innovation and diversity and inclusion. Funded projects will share a common commitment to the role, indeed the requirement, of business as an agent of change for the common good.

“At the Sprott School of Business, we aim to cultivate the enterprising spirit of business in order to foster shared prosperity and advance equity and justice for all. We’re looking for partners in this effort and appreciate your consideration in supporting the Dean’s Fund and being a part of making this vision a reality”. – Dana Brown, Dean, Sprott School of Business

Your support in action:

In spring 2022, thanks to support from our donors through the Dean’s Fund, the Sprott Social Impact Club (SSIC) organized its first Social Impact Conference. The event brought together high school and university students, faculty, alumni, business and thought leaders to discuss how business can create a better world for all.

“Throughout our studies, traditionally, we have learned that there is business and then there is doing good. Through the Sprott Social Impact Club, we want to demonstrate that you can combine those two things,” said Gabrielle Kolotinsky, SSIC president and fourth-year Bachelor of Commerce student. “We organized this conference to show that you can do good regardless of your role, regardless of your organization.”