Awarded annually on the recommendation of the Dean of the Sprott School of Business to outstanding undergraduate students proceeding from one year to another in a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a concentration in Entrepreneurship.

Lynn Honsberger, one of Carleton’s Board of Governors is passionate about raising money for future Sprott students. As an alumni herself, and a corporate partner who has hired many Sprott students, she is committed to seeing this new scholarship become a reality.  When Lynn was a student at Carleton she worked as a part-time waitress in order to pay for the cost of her education.  She was encouraged by the supportive staff in the Business school to apply for student awards which allowed her to focus on her studies.  She now wants to give back and is asking her fellow alumni to join her in supporting Sprott students.

Through Carleton, you can help support one of the most vital aspects of Canada’s economy; entrepreneurship. Since its inception, Sprott has gained recognition for providing the resources to help students incubate an idea, and viably implement it in the marketplace. From tech startups to social enterprises, our students think outside the box by developing business models that have the potential to become sustainable startups.

Some of the programs offered to students in the program include:

  • The Lead to Win Accelerator: As one of the top 10 university business incubators, this program helps entrepreneurs attract start-up investors and build ventures that generate $1 million in annual revenues within three years.
  • Hatch: This student-run incubator program is open to all students and ventures, regardless of what stage they are at in the entrepreneurial process. Students expand their skillsets through workshops, mentorship and networking opportunities.
  • Through our vibrant alumni community, students have the opportunity to network with graduates around the globe. We have alumni living and working in countries recognized for their emerging business markets including India and China.

All students should have the opportunity to both discover and fulfill their passions. By supporting this award, you are helping to ensure that students may focus more on their studies and less on financial burdens.