Awarded annually by the Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs, on the recommendation of the Director of the Master Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership Program, to outstanding graduate students who are enrolled part-time in the Masters of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership.  Valued at $2500, eligible recipients will demonstrate volunteer leadership in the sector as critical thinkers, change-makers, and bridge-builders.  Preference will be given to students in financial need.

Established in 2021 by Dr. Sharilyn Hale in honour of her mentor, colleague and friend, Simone Joyaux who had a passion for advanced learning and was committed to to evidence-based practice, demand for governance excellence and social justice.

“From the beginning, social justice principles were at the heart of Simone’s work. She held up a mirror to fundraisers, leaders and boards, imploring them to explore their biases and to be inclusive in our practices, language and thinking. She acknowledged all the advantages she had as a white, educated, heterosexual woman, and then used those advantages to help make things better for all.” -Dr. Sharilyn Hale

Click here to read the full story on the the Simone Joyaux Memorial Award, featuring an interview with Dr. Sharilyn Hale as she recollects the continued legacy of Simone in the philanthropy and nonprofit sector.