Ravens Rhythm, Carleton’s Cheerleading Team, are the university’s loudest and proudest ambassadors! Since their founding in 2011, they cheer, dance, and volunteer at a variety of Carleton and Ottawa events, and are extremely passionate about sharing their love for Carleton. We officially celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2021.

You can find Ravens Rhythm at all home games for Football and Basketball. Ravens Rhythm is Carleton’s loudest and proudest fans, and you’ll see us at a variety of games such as: Soccer, Hockey, and Rugby! Our members want to continue to support the Carleton Community and inspire school spirit by creating content and supporting student athletes.

Although partially supported by the Department of Athletics, the Ravens Rhythm is primarily a self-funded volunteer team. This fund will go towards covering the costs of administrative costs, uniforms, costs for studio space, music software, video materials for filming the routines and various other fees that are required for the team to function. We want to create opportunities for our alumni as well as create resources for our current athletes. With your help, Ravens Rhythm will continue for many more decades and foster growth and development throughout our program. This fund will also ensure that our athletes are better equipped and will ensure the continuity of our program.