Ravens Dance Pak has been providing its members with an artistic outlet where they are encouraged to share their talent, creativity and passion in a safe and positive environment since 2011. With all the changes associated with the stress of university, our members can find a sense of familiarity in doing something they enjoy among others who share the same passion. Ravens Dance Pak provides all members with a way to share their raw artistic abilities creating a deep sense of community among members that is hard to explain or re-create. Dance competitions provide our dancers with an outlet to perform and share their passion for dance while learning from and inspiring those that are also participating.

Starting in September following auditions, the team works 3 days per week from during the school year to create and perfect various routines in the styles of contemporary, lyrical, jazz, open and tap. The team is composed of committed and talented individuals, who work tirelessly in order to guarantee our success at competition against other Canadian university teams. The outstanding talent at these events drives us to work even harder each year.

Outside of competition, the team performs yearly at an Ottawa dance community charity event; Dancer’s Give Back. This event brings together the passion of the Ottawa Dance Community to help raise money for a worthy cause.

The team has also worked with the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa, volunteering to teach and choreograph routines that are performed for the community.

This fund supports the costs related to the team’s success. The expenses include studio space, costumes, competition entry fees, transportation/accommodation for competition, and showcase operating costs.