As a graduate of the MPNL program, you know that gaining this degree has been a unique and special opportunity. We were all selected to engage in this experience from a very competitive pool of applicants from across the country. Throughout our education we have had the opportunity to experience an engaging curriculum, learn from dedicated and experienced faculty, and study alongside colleagues from across our sector, and even our country. Above and beyond our specialized education, many of us also received some financial support from the program to attend, either through a scholarship or travel bursary.

And now, it is our time to give back. We’ve established the first MPNL Alumni Award, created by MPNL Graduates and championed by the 4th Cohort of the program. Once this award reaches $2000 in donations in each of the next five years, this amount will be matched dollar for dollar by Carleton University, resulting in a $4000 award to give to a deserving incoming student. Thanks to fourth cohort alumna Michelle Campbell for offering her own personal match of $1000 per year that inspired the rest of the fourth cohort to collectively donate the remaining $1000.

Award Recipient Testimonial:

Thank you so much to the collection of graduates and alumni of Carleton University’s Master’s in Philanthropy and Non Profit Leadership Program for establishing and contributing to the MPNL Alumni Award Scholarship program. As the recipient of this award and scholarship for the 7th cohort of the MPNL program in 2019, I am so very honoured and inspired to be recognized for both academic promise and past academic achievement from such an experienced, gifted, talented and professional group of fellow students and colleagues. The scholarship is more than just recognition of reflective hard work and scholarly accomplishment as the financial award contributes greatly to enabling the pursuit of post graduate education. The financial award has impact beyond the dollar figure as it allows for focused and diligent study by alleviating the stress and pressure of balancing work and academia throughout the program. Through this award, the culture of philanthropy truly materializes between those that contribute and those that receive.  My hope is to carry forward this gracious and giving culture throughout my studies in the program. Through thoughtful and attentive study and by learning from such a knowledgeable and professional ensemble of colleagues, instructors, staff, and fellow students my participation in the MPNL program is greatly enriched through the MPNL Alumni Award.  Thank you so very much.

~Shane Norris, 7th Cohort, 2019 Award Recipient

Please consider a multi-year pledge, a monthly gift or a one-time gift to get this special award started. If you would like to discuss your personal giving, please contact Annual Giving Officer (and 4th Cohort Alumna) Ruby Misra at

MPNL Alumni Award
Value $4,000. Awarded annually by the Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs, on the recommendation of the Graduate Supervisor, Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership to students entering the Master’s in Philanthropy and Non-profit Leadership program at Carleton University. Eligible recipients will be selected based on demonstrating academic promise, past academic achievement and/or professional experience. Preference for students in financial need. Established in 2018 through the leadership of the MPNL Fourth Cohort.