Established by generous alumni in the fourth cohort of the Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership program the MPNL Alumni Award celebrates hundreds of MPNL alumni and provides opportunities to other aspiring changemakers who experience barriers to accessing higher education.

The MPNL Alumni Award is an annual scholarship that supports students entering the program who are in financial need. Many graduates look back on their time in the MPNL program and recall meeting leaders in our sector, some of whom were classmates and all of whom shared diverse experiences and perspectives that contributed to a better MPNL program – and to a more holistic understanding of how philanthropy improves our society.

From advancing policy in government to working for community foundations, alumni have been integral in helping the MPNL degree to gain recognition as the professional credential in the sector.

Award Recipient Testimonial:

Thank you so much to the collection of graduates and alumni of Carleton University’s Master’s in Philanthropy and Non Profit Leadership Program for establishing and contributing to the MPNL Alumni Award Scholarship program. As the recipient of this award and scholarship for the 7th cohort of the MPNL program in 2019, I am so very honoured and inspired to be recognized for both academic promise and past academic achievement from such an experienced, gifted, talented and professional group of fellow students and colleagues. The scholarship is more than just recognition of reflective hard work and scholarly accomplishment as the financial award contributes greatly to enabling the pursuit of post graduate education. The financial award has impact beyond the dollar figure as it allows for focused and diligent study by alleviating the stress and pressure of balancing work and academia throughout the program. Through this award, the culture of philanthropy truly materializes between those that contribute and those that receive.  My hope is to carry forward this gracious and giving culture throughout my studies in the program. Through thoughtful and attentive study and by learning from such a knowledgeable and professional ensemble of colleagues, instructors, staff, and fellow students my participation in the MPNL program is greatly enriched through the MPNL Alumni Award.  Thank you so very much.

~Shane Norris, 7th Cohort, 2019 Award Recipient