Men’s Basketball Excellence Fund

Your generous gift to this fund will support overall program enhancements including the student-athletic experience, academic assistance, recruitment and vital training resources. The Ravens Men’s Basketball team most recently secured its 15th national championship in 18 years in March 2020, winning the W.P. McGeeTrophy.


This season, our target is to make sure that our players are well-supported and have every competitive advantage possible. With your gift, this means providing nutritious meals and investing in the latest sports technology.

As you can imagine, nutrition plays a huge role in athletic performance. It’s essential that our student-athletes are eating the right fuel to give them the strength and energy needed for optimal performance. It’s also an important factor in preventing fatigue and injury, which is why subsidizing meals is so important.

To give our Ravens the most in-depth coaching and performance analysis, we use special technology to deepen our insights. For example, enhanced software connected to several cameras in the Ravens’ Nest allows our players and coaches to access film thirty minutes at the end of each practice, directly from their tablet or smartphone, which lets us adjust our training on a daily basis. Being able to take it to the next level would also mean having the ability to live tag games so that we can make in-game adjustments, too.

A message from Aiden, Guard and Health Sciences student

“I want to say a huge thank you for all of the support that you provide for me, my teammates, and Carleton athletics as a whole. It has been a difficulty past year, but that makes it even more exciting and special to be coming into a new season this fall.

As we look forward to the year, it is clear that you, as donors and supporters, play a very large role by enabling us as athletes to focus on our team and sport while also striving for excellence amidst a hectic schedule.

I hope you know how much you are appreciated. We look forward to hopefully seeing you around the gym soon.”