The Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism prepares students to be strategic, creative thinkers, ready to contribute to our society, with a rigorous program that includes interdisciplinary studies, collaborative opportunities, hands-on training, and real-world experience.

Hands-on learning projects — from speculative models to small-scale built projects that benefit communities we collaborate with — are especially important.

These projects allow students to work through design-build challenges and provide professional experience by applying, honing, and integrating their knowledge and skills. They also introduce students to fabrication, developing their abilities across a wide range of tools and materials.

The Maker Fund will enable us to provide studio instructors with a budget to cover the cost of materials upfront. It will also support specific projects or equitable access for students, as needed. The School will use gifts made to the Maker Fund to purchase materials such as wood, paper, clay, or even building tools, but also to support printing, digital fabrication, model making and workshops for undergraduate and graduate students throughout their education.

Your support of the Maker Fund is an investment in our students’ ability to acquire the breadth of design skills, fabrication knowledge, and building experience that can expand their perspectives on design and inform their future contributions to society.