Whether we recall our own childhood or interact with children in our daily lives,   we understand that children who grow up in relationships based on mutual respect can arc their lives towards justice. Your generosity would help to support this vision that lies at the core of the Centre’s work by helping to ensure that children in Canada are aware of their rights and responsibilities and know how to exercise them within a receptive and respectful society. Your generosity reflects our shared commitment to address questions of inequality and foster a culture of respect for children and young people in Canada in a substantive way.

The Landon Pearson Centre proudly promotes a rights-respecting approach in all of their activities.  The Centre enables children’s and young people’s participation through exemplary rights-based activities, acts as the institutional memory-holder regarding the development of children’s rights in Canada, supports key areas including teaching, research, mentorship, collaboration and knowledge dissemination, and offers a place for creative engagement for all:

  1. Teaching: Fosters a culture of respect by improving understanding and awareness of children’s rights through various activities such as the Shaking the Movers workshop series and the Child Rights Academic Network (CRAN)
  2. Research: Supports quality research and knowledge mobilization efforts. The Centre maintains a specific research focus on Indigenous children’s rights and research including through the Canadian Journal of Children’s Rights
  3. Mentorship: Offers opportunities for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate scholars through mentorship and student engagement
  4. Collaboration: Supports organizations working to build local, national and international partnerships
  5. Outreach: Enhances and supports capacity-building for the full implementation and monitoring of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Canada

Your generosity will help to ensure that the Centre will continue its work in these important areas. Thank you for your gift in support of the meaningful work of the Landon Pearson Resource Centre for the Study of Childhood and Children’s Rights, Canada’s premier, and only, children’s rights Centre.