Awarded annually to a deserving undergraduate or graduate student entering or proceeding from one year to another, in any program of study. Eligible recipients will be a Canadian Veteran or a dependent or descendant of a Canadian Veteran. Recipients will demonstrate financial need, must be Canadian Citizen or permanent resident of Canada (landed immigrant or protected person), and must meet OSAP’s Ontario Residency requirements. John Wickett worked at Veterans Affairs and in 2006 received the National Defence Ombudsman’s Commendation for exemplary dedication in recognition of his invaluable assistance to countless Canadian veterans and former Canadian Forces members in need. Most notably, Mr. Wickett was instrumental in the successful implementation of the Chemical Warfare Agent Testing Program (that resulted in compensation to veterans who were harmed by mustard gas testing) and in helping former soldiers and their families come to terms with a difficult period in Canada’s history. Endowed in 2007 by Mr. Wickett’s mother, Dr. Beatrice Wickett-Nesbitt, family, friends and colleagues.