The purpose of the John Ruddy Endowment Fund for Football is to create stability for the Ravens Football program and sustain a culture of success over the long-term.

The Background

In 2013, Ravens Football returned to campus with tremendous support from Carleton donors, partners and community members.

Since then, Carleton and the team has been carefully laying the foundation for a supportive culture that would advance players’ success as athletes and scholars – and ultimately lead to a competitive program down the road.

With the arrival of new head coach Corey Grant, we are developing a strong long-term vision for the team that centres on sustainability, competitiveness that drives interest, attendance and a sense of community, and student-athlete success.

The Rollout

The funds will be used to enhance long-term priorities and to create a permanent funding model to ensure that the impact of Ravens Football within the Carleton and Ottawa communities will live on indefinitely.

The Impact

For many, the return of football to Carleton in 2013 was deeply meaningful.

Student-athletes were once again able to play the game they love at the collegiate level, while honing skills in leadership and teamwork that serve them long after they leave Carleton. For past players and our broader community, it was a renewed opportunity to rally together and share Ravens pride while creating a sense of connection and affinity.

By supporting the John Ruddy Endowment Fund, you can contribute to the long-term sustainability of this important Athletics program at Carleton and ensure these opportunities remain for generations to come.

“I was proud to be the lead donor and see the return of football to Carleton in 2013. As a player or a fan, the football games provide an opportunity for all students to become casually involved in athletics, and for the student community to feel united and proudly promote the spirit of Carleton University. I had this experience during my time at Carleton, and I’m proud to see that another generation of students have this experience as well.”

 – Long-time donor and Old Crow John Ruddy on why he continues to support Ravens Football