Awarded annually, on the recommendation of the Chair of the Department of History, to graduate student(s) in good standing in the Department of History taking courses pursuing research in the political history, social policy, or constitutional history of Canada. Dr. Frank Underhill was one of Canada’s earliest intellectual historians. He was also a strident social critic, and many of his writings were devoted to political commentary. Dr. Underhill was a co-founder of the League for Social Reconstruction as well as one of the architects of the Regina Manifesto. In 1955 Dr. Underhill joined Carleton serving on senate and as a Professor of Political Science. Dr. Underhill willed his personal library to Carleton, and upon his death in 1971 the Underhill Reading Room within the Department of History was established, as was the annual graduate student colloquium in 1995, in his name. Established and Endowed in memory of Frank H. Underhill in 2004. This scholarship is a member of the Carty Family of awards.