Founded in 2015, the Carleton University Field Hockey Club has been providing students with the opportunity to develop leadership skills, make social connections, and live healthy lifestyles through the sport of field hockey. As a student-managed club, athletes have been empowered to step into leadership roles and collaborate with like-minded and active peers. The club is dedicated to providing a friendly and competitive atmosphere that promotes both physical and mental health amongst it’s team members. With your generosity, we can help ease the costs of participating as we continue to expand our club. The funds raised would contribute towards new equipment and the travel costs of away games. Your donation would be substantial in elevating the club’s level of competition and growing it’s participation in future years.

The impact of the pandemic on women and girls in sport has been dramatic; one in four girls are not committed to returning to sport. The Carleton University Field Hockey Club is committed to providing a safe and inclusive space for young women to participate and thrive in sport. The Club’s impact reaches beyond only Carleton, but all the way through the field hockey community. The Club not only runs training and games for the Carleton team, but also runs the Ottawa Indoor Women’s League which serves the larger field hockey community. The league has 80 participants from Carleton, the University of Ottawa, alumni, and the local field hockey community which has created a thriving hub for women’s sport participation for life.