Sometimes, grades don’t tell the whole story. The Enriched Support Program (ESP) at Carleton University supports students who have the potential to succeed in university but don’t meet traditional entrance requirements. ESP provides an opportunity to begin first-year studies, develop strong academic skills and habits, and earn admission to a Carleton degree program.

We created the ESP Scholarship Fund to reward and motivate students who have demonstrated excellence through outstanding grades and participation.  Many ESP students succeed despite substantial challenges, including financial hardship, health problems, and systemic barriers. ESP students are unfortunately not eligible for other Carleton scholarships.

These funds will provide scholarships to ESP students who have successfully completed the program with an A- or higher average and excellent attendance. More than 5,600 students have come through the Enriched Support Program. Nearly 1,400 former ESP students are currently enrolled in a Carleton degree program, and 1,986 have graduated from Carleton. Former ESP students have succeeded in a variety of ways, taking degrees in Arts and Social Sciences, Business, Engineering, Computer Science, and Sciences. Our former students include social workers, lawyers, politicians, teachers, police officers, and professors. Yet, without ESP, most of these students would not have gotten into university in the first place, despite having the desire and aptitude.

Students who come through the Enriched Support Program demonstrate incredible dedication and perseverance in pursuing their goals. Knowing a scholarship is available helps students to develop the good academic habits and skills they need to succeed. For students who were once deemed “at-risk,” receiving a university scholarship can be a source of pride and motivation for years to come.

Student Testimonials: 

Patrick Mayangi, Political Science Graduate: “My high school grades weren’t great, but that shouldn’t define me or the rest of my life. [The staff] understands that and took a chance on me. I’ll always be grateful for the opportunities that have been made possible by my ESP experience.”

Nora Jorjani, Psychology Graduate: “I had such a positive experience with ESP. With the support of instructors, mentors, facilitators, advisors and coaches, I was able to overcome many obstacles with which I had previously struggled, both academically and personally. The program staff made me feel heard and cared about; I knew they truly wanted me to succeed, and that gave me the confidence to excel. I feel as though the possibilities of what I can achieve are endless, and I owe that confidence and ambition to my ESP experience.”