By supporting the Endowed Student Emergency Fund, you are helping to provide short-term financial assistance to students who are unable to meet immediate and essential expenses as a result of a temporary hardship related to a personal emergency situation. Most students only need about $250-$300 to relieve the financial stress and get back to the important work of recovering, staying engaged on campus, and continuing their learning, both inside and outside the classroom.

The Endowed Student Emergency Fund has helped Carleton students with essential emergency expenses, including:

  • Assisting students who suffered in the Ottawa tornadoes
  • Buying groceries after becoming a victim of fraud
  • Settling into a new home following a devastating house fire
  • Tackling debt incurred during a mental health crisis
  • Leaving an abusive relationship

Carleton’s community is one that is both caring and compassionate. Your support towards the Endowed Student Emergency Fund reinforces that we are here to support one another through challenging times. Your generosity will help ensure students can continue to navigate their post-secondary studies by alleviating some of the unexpected financial burdens that may arise due to emergency situations.