We wish everyone could have had the opportunity to know Dylan McCarthy. It has been the greatest honour of our lives. How do you tell people what it meant to have crossed paths with such a remarkable person?

Dylan McCarthy was a beloved 14-year-old boy who was a wonderful force of nature – a boy who lit up a room when he entered, and enter he did! Dylan embraced life as a joyful opportunity, and encouraged others to do the same. He was witty, adventurous, playful and a whole lot of fun. When Dylan was around, laughter was abound.

Dylan’s kindness and compassion were a gift to so many – his family, friends, peers, teachers, and mentors. Dylan appreciated people for who they really are and simply wanted to spend time together with the people in his life. There was never judgment.

Dylan had an inquisitive nature and a sharp, intelligent mind. Dylan always had a question posed that was ripe for pondering and consideration. He found great joy in reading, learning, and discussing any number of topics – he was happy to discuss music, books, and games. However, some of his greatest passions included science, nature, animals, and the environment. He was particularly interested in marine biology. He loved the ocean and everything in it. He often visited Cape Cod, and one summer he went whale watching in Tadoussac.

Dylan cared very deeply about the world around him and the well being of all animals and creatures within it. He took great joy in caring for his beloved dog, and also felt a strong need to advocate for the protection of the larger natural world. With a maturity and compassion beyond his young age, he already knew he wanted to study more, learn more, to help more in this world. He demonstrated this desire in the choices he made every single day.

Those who love Dylan know he will continue to inspire. As such this fund has been created to honour his memory in the hopes of creating a scholarship.