The Deborah S. Winter Scholarship is awarded annually to an outstanding student entering or proceeding from one year to another in any degree program within the Faculty of Science, with preference being given to female students.

As an alumna of Carleton University with a Bachelor’s of Science Honours degree in Mathematics, Deborah S. Winter endowed the scholarship in 2016 to encourage women to pursue post-secondary studies in STEM. Deborah is grateful for receiving donor-funded awards when she was a student, which were integral in providing the financial support needed to continue her studies.  

After graduating from Carleton University and pursuing a career as a computer programmer, Deborah’s commitment to higher education led her to attend Harvard Law School where she received her J.D. degree in 1984. Now retired and living in Port Townsend, a Victorian seaport in Washington state, her life’s work was dedicated to a fulfilling career as a lawyer where she focused her practice on financing affordable housing.  

With a strong conviction that a background in Science can provide a strong foundation for any endeavour, Deborah credits the mental discipline, critical thinking and logical thought required to obtain a degree in Mathematics as paving the way to entry at Harvard Law School. As a woman with a background in STEM and former recipient of student awards, this scholarship was Deborah’s way of paying that generosity forward in a way that is meaningful to her.