The Collections Fund for the MacOdrum Library will help acquire up-to-date and relevant resources and ensure students have access to a variety of materials throughout their studies at Carleton. Enhanced library collections are central to supporting quality research and learning at Carleton and in the community. Collections in various formats, including electronic, serve both campus and off-campus users and help the MacOdrum Library keep pace with the rapid generation of knowledge.

The current wish list for the MacOdrum Library includes:

  • OXFORD BIBLIOGRAPHIES: Priced at $10,000 each, the Oxford Bibliographies act as a combination of annotated bibliography and a high-level encyclopedia. It’s an authoritative resource that directs researchers to scholarships across a variety of subjects, including Geography, Social Work and Philosophy.

  • MULTI-DISCIPLINARY JOURNAL ARCHIVES: Running from $5,000 to $15,000 each, they offer perpetual access to information for current students and future researchers. The sciences, engineering, business, public affairs, the humanities, social sciences – they’re all covered.

  • THE FIRST WORLD WAR: We’re hoping to be able to acquire the first of four modules, this one entitled “Personal Experiences”. This online collection includes material from diaries, photographs, trench maps and much more, providing a remarkable window on the lives and experiences of men and women during the Great War. To give specifically to this collection, please visit the current campaign page to make your donation.

  • ROUTLEDGE HANDBOOKS ONLINE: Ranging in price between $600 and $6000, Routledge Handbooks Online provide overviews on research topics, theory, and methods in humanities, social sciences, engineering, and science disciplines.