Value $2,000. Awarded annually on the recommendation of the Director of the Institute of Environmental Science to the fourth-year undergraduate student who submits the best Honours Research thesis. Established in 2020 by family and friends in memory of Clark S. Bolliger, BScHons/18 whose life was tragically cut short.

This scholarship is in memory of Clark Samuel Bolliger, an influential and brilliant young scientist, loving son, and fun-loving younger brother.  His attitudes toward family and the environment were very similar. Cherish it, love it, take excellent care of it and most of all enjoy it!  His life was far too short but his attitudes about the environment will live on in his family, fellow scientists and friends.

Clark was a proud, well-respected Carleton University graduate. It was at Carleton that he found his path in the Environmental Sciences. During his four years there, he was able to establish personal connections with his professors, teaching assistants and fellow students.

Clark’s mission: share environmental awareness with the world.

After graduation Clark enrolled at the University of Zurich to pursue his masters degree in Environmental Science with the purpose of making a difference for the planet.

Clark was devoted to his thesis, having it published for all to read was a dream. In March of 2020, it was published…….Dreams really do come true.

Spatial coverage of protection for terrestrial species under the Canadian Species at Risk Act”,

published in the Ecoscience Journal.

Clark truly believed that each and every person has the ability to make an impact on creating a greener more sustainable future strictly based on the choices we make each day. Clark lived mindfully with the following principals and highly recommended others to take them into consideration when thinking about their footprint on the environment.

This is Clark’s Credo:

9 Ways to go Green

Because there is only one planet and it is something to love.

  1. Reduce Meat/Dairy Consumption
  2. Minimize water waste
  3. Take care of your trash
  4. Reach for zero-waste
  5. Travel smart
  6. Reduce energy consumption
  7. Embrace the minimalist lifestyle
  8. Plant trees
  9. Know your impact

Our hope is the recipient of this scholarship will also emulate the standard of love and care for the environment that Clark had.

Helping a fellow student was always a part of Clark’s life. Creating this scholarship is our way of keeping Clark’s spirit and passion for the environment alive.

By supporting this scholarship we are keeping Clark’s vision alive. Supporting an Environmental Student is the future of protecting and preserving our planet  – it needs to be continued.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you,

The Bolliger Family