The Carleton University Simulator Project (CUSP) is a final year engineering design project with the goal of developing a flight simulator with 6 degrees of freedom to simulate edge-of-envelope flight conditions like flat spins and deep dives emergency situations that cannot be preformed safely in actual aircraft. With a commitment to equipping the future mechanical engineers, CUSP serves as an incubator for invaluable skills and industry-relevant knowledge revolving research, analysis, and design. Through this immersive experience, we aim to empower students with the competence and connections that will propel them toward a successful career.

CUSP is not just about engineering; it’s about opening doors to inclusion and diversity in the field. We aim to eliminate boundaries in engineering by offering students from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research and design. As these students take on the intricate dance of engineering and design, we hope that their perspectives are forever transformed by the awe-inspiring complexities of the field.

The scope of our project reaches beyond the classroom, promoting collaboration with students and faculty across various disciplines to enhance the development of a versatile flight simulator. This simulator’s applications extend far and wide, enabling the emulation of edge-of-envelope flight conditions, such as flat spins and deep dives, as well as emergency situations that are too perilous to replicate in actual aircraft. Furthermore, it serves as a platform for general vehicle simulation and for research in human perception and sensory experiences. CUSP’s mission is not merely to teach but to inspire, and in doing so, it strives to leave an indelible mark on the future of engineering education and research.

Funding invested into Carleton University Simulator Project (CUSP) provides the critical resources necessary to turn visionary ideas into tangible reality. These funds are essential for procuring top-quality materials, cutting-edge tools, and advanced software, enabling CUSP to make significant strides in the development of simulator hardware and software controls. To create a simulator that meets the highest standards of safety and precision, financial support is crucial. It ensures that the mechanical lab space, where this cutting-edge technology resides, adheres to the strictest safety conditions, safeguarding both the students and the equipment itself. The commitment of donors and sponsors to provide these resources not only drives innovation but also underscores the paramount importance of safety and excellence in the pursuit of groundbreaking engineering and design. Funding for CUSP is an investment in education, innovation, diversity, community, and safety. It’s an investment that not only benefits the students directly involved but also has a broader impact on the fields of engineering and research, creating a brighter and more inclusive future for all.