The Carleton University Crash Dummy (CUCD) is a 4th year capstone project in the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at Carleton University with a cause to study and minimize biking and vehicle collisions.

The CUCD project is divided into three teams, Launch, Injury and Durability. All aspects which include sensing, equipment, project management, mechanics and dynamics are taken care of by the students.

This year’s group will focus on rigorous testing and physical implementations, as well as progresses and improvements made from the previous team. The dummy will have human life characteristics.

The CUCD launch team will also redesign and restructure the tracks and braking system to improve the reliability. The launch team will also ensure data sensing and collecting is accurately collected during the collision.

The purpose of CUCD is to perform and test a collision between a bike and a vehicle, to help collect data and sensing in collaboration with first responders of Ottawa to analyze the impact collisions have on the human body.