Carleton University is host to two choral ensembles embracing a diverse membership of music students as well as various other programs offered at the university. Such on-campus diversity is reflective of Canada’s strong and diverse choral culture. According to a recent census by Choral Canada, 10% of the Canadian population sings in a choir. An estimated 3.5 million Canadians are involved in making choral music. The choirs add value to the intramural cultural life as well as outside university.  Supporting choral music is a way to encourage diversity and multiculturalism through the arts.

The purpose of this fund is to support the Carleton University Choir, open by audition to all Carleton students, members of the university community and the general public. The choir presents two major public concerts during the academic year, showcasing a variety of large and small scale choral works and frequently features orchestra and soloists. The choir performs locally, nationally and internationally to promote Canadian choral music through performances, engage with other university choirs in joint performances and choral masterclasses, and visit local schools to exchange choral knowledge and practices.