The Carleton University Athletic Therapy clinic has been providing services to Carleton’s Varsity student-athletes for over 25 years.  Some of these athletes have gone on to not only represent our country in national championships, but also in the professional realm.  The one constant to their success has been the Athletic Therapy clinic.  The clinic provides physical rehabilitation for all injuries while supporting athletes’ mental health.  In order to properly support these athletes, the clinic needs continual maintenance and purchasing of equipment.  This fund would not only allow the clinic to replenish necessary equipment, but would also allow the upgrading of newer items.

This fund will also support unexpected medical emergencies that may be related to a mental health crisis, accident or athletic injury where costs exceed insurance coverage and/or not covered by OHIP, UHIP or other insurances.  These situations cause undo stress and anxiety to the Carleton student-athlete in need. Examples of these expenses include dental injuries, the cost of a custom orthotics such as a fit brace which will allow student-athletes to return to compete.

In terms of mental health issues these include a spectrum of disorders including depression, anxiety, post-concussion syndrome, and post-traumatic stress where additional emergency medical support is required. Our goal is to raise funds to allow for greater access to psychologists and specialized treatments from industry professionals creating a brighter future and a healthier lifestyle for our Ravens student-athletes.

Give to the services that gave so much to you!  Help Athletic Therapy support current student-athletes both physically and mentally by expanding the services available through our clinic at Carleton University.