Every year the Carleton University Biology Department invites both the on and off-campus community to experience the magic of butterflies during the Annual Biology Butterfly Show. During the 9 days leading into the Thanksgiving weekend, over 1300 live exotic butterflies, representing 41 different species worldwide, are released into the greenhouses of the Nesbitt Biology building. Each year more than 1,000 area students and 10,000 visitors total enter the steamy greenhouse doors at the west side of Carleton’s’ campus for the Butterfly show, which provides unique educational experiences beyond the classroom. This enhances and further showcases the Carleton University campus experience to the patrons of the show who come each year with their families, friends and colleagues. The Butterfly Show has always been funded through the generosity of its visitors and your support helps ensure that the Butterfly Show can continue to run successfully in the future, and remain accessible for future generations.