As the first award of its kind at Carleton University, the School of Journalism is pleased to announce the establishment of the Brooke Forbes Award for Internships in the Field of Audio Production. Spearheaded through the generosity of the Brooke Forbes Legacy Fund Committee, this award will continue Brooke Forbes’ legacy by supporting Black, Indigenous and Racialized students who have a shared passion for radio, audio or podcasts.

Brooke Forbes was a radio producer with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for over two decades, and believed in the power of radio to change lives. This fund reflects that conviction by aiming to address issues of systemic racism through the creation of accessible opportunities for racialized individuals in Carleton’s School of Journalism to pursue an internship in radio. Funds will help improve diversity and inclusion for Black, Indigenous or Racialized students in either the Bachelor of Journalism or Master of Journalism program by providing financial assistance to cover the costs of rent, food, travel and other living expenses while completing an approved internship.

Brooke’s commitment to creating positive social change was reflected in her work at CBC Radio. She used this platform to educate and engage listeners on important societal issues, looking for ways for radio to better represent Canada’s cultures and identities while giving voice to those seeking equality. Her lifelong dedication to work towards a more equitable society was the impetus to creating and launching her radio camps for minority youth. These radio camps were the source of inspiration for the establishment of the Brooke Forbes Legacy Fund after her passing in 2006. It helped increase exposure and access for minority youth in the field of audio production. In 2020, the Brooke Forbes Legacy Fund Committee decided to generously allocate all of the funds in the Brooke Forbes Legacy Fund to Carleton University to honour Brooke’s legacy and work.

Photo caption: Brooke Forbes (second from front left) at one of her radio camps for minority youth.