We, the Directors of the former APICS Ottawa Chapter, have established this endowment to award students who exemplify the values held dear by our friend and mentor, Mr. Ben M. Schlussel. Ben was curious, humble, wise, pragmatic, frank, and most of all kind and helpful. He inspired us to be active in our community and to understand that the more you give, the more you get back. We did, and it’s true. He believed that teaching is the most effective way to learn and he encouraged us to be lifelong learners. It is, and we are. He said that supply chain management is about people, and that we should strive to grow our professional network and encourage professionals, young and old, to do the same. It’s true, and we promise to. We invite you to add to this endowment in Ben’s memory, and to recognize and reward students who have chosen supply chain management as their field of study and have demonstrated, through their actions, a commitment to helping their peers and to be the tide that lifts all boats.

Awarded annually on the recommendation of the Dean of the Sprott School of Business, to an outstanding undergraduate student proceeding from one year to another in the Bachelor of Commerce program within the area of supply chain. Preference will be given to students who demonstrate involvement in extracurricular activities related to the field of supply chain management. Endowed in 2021 by the Directors of the former APICS Ottawa Chapter in memory of colleague and leader in the profession, Benjamin M. Schlussel.