Carleton’s Art and Architectural History faculty is seeking to raise funds for annual out-of-town field trips for our students to broaden their perspectives, to introduce them to a variety of art forms from around the world, and to encourage social interactions among our student body.  We believe that experiencing art and architecture in person is an integral part of our pedagogical mission.  We often take students to the National Gallery of Canada, the Ottawa Art Gallery, the Parliament Buildings, and other important sites in the Ottawa region.  While we have in past years organized out-of-town trips to Montreal, Toronto, and New York, we have not been able to do so consistently due to a lack of university funding.

The cause of this campaign is to get students out of the classroom and out of the city to experience art and architecture as it should be experienced, in person.  When we talk to our alumni, one recurring theme is the opportunities that they had at Carleton to work with local collections and to engage with art and architecture in the region.  Those who have had the opportunity to study abroad (through our ongoing partnership with the University of Warwick’s autumn course in Venice, for example) rave about such experiences.  We want to encourage such enthusiasm and curiosity about art and architecture in all our endeavours in Art and Architectural History at Carleton. The goal of this campaign is to raise funds for annual out-of-town field trips in order to give our students the opportunity to appreciate, with the guidance of experts in the field, architecture and artworks in collections outside our city limits.

The funds raised in this FutureFunder campaign will go directly to support out-of-town field trips for our students in the Art and Architectural History programs.  The funds will be used to cover bus rentals, tour guides, food, accommodations (should the trip be more than a one-day excursion), and other expenses for these trips.