Adrian Sheppard passed away in a tragic accident shortly before he was to begin the Masters program in Film Studies at Carleton University. Adrian, who had recently competed his B.A. in Film Studies at Carleton, was a young man full of promise, with a passion for the cinema, and a thirst for knowledge. Adrian was a much-loved member the Film Studies community at Carleton, and he will be missed.

In his time in our program, as both an undergraduate and a graduate student, he made many friends, and excelled as a student. He was always working hard, contributing to discussions in class, talking to friends and professors about film and art, and participating in many extra-curricular activities. Adrian’s energy, his enthusiasm, and his genuine intellectual curiosity, touched everyone he met here.

The Adrian Sheppard Memorial Scholarship in Film Studies was established to support promising Film Studies students at Carleton.

Awarded annually on the recommendation of the Director of the School for Studies in Art and Culture in consultation with the Film Studies program, to outstanding students enrolled in the Fourth year of the Film Studies Honours program. The intent of this award is to encourage Film Studies students to continue their education with a Master’s degree and pursue a career in film. Endowed in 2016 by friends and family in loving memory of Adrian Sheppard who tragically passed away before he was to begin his Master’s degree in Film Studies at Carleton University.