Arthur Kroeger College is pleased to announce the establishment of the Abel Mengistab Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded annually on the recommendation of the Director of the College to an outstanding undergraduate student who is Indigenous, Black, or a member of a racialized group who is proceeding from one year to another of the Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management (BPAPM) program.  Eligible recipients must demonstrate a dedication to promoting social justice and social change, at Carleton or in the broader community.

Public policies have an enormous influence on the lives of Indigenous, Black, and racialized communities; however, these communities have been underrepresented in the public sector, particularly at higher levels of leadership. The scholarship is part of the BPAPM program’s effort, in collaboration with our students and the university, to welcome Black, Indigenous, and racialized students, and contribute to making higher education more equitable and our community more inclusive.

The scholarship was endowed in 2021 in memory of Abel Mengistab, who was a third-year student in Public Affairs and Policy Management and a dynamic community activist who exemplified kindness and empathy. Abel was a champion of the disenfranchised who campaigned for social justice, equality, and youth employment, and to represent those whose voice had not been adequately represented.

Abel’s approach to politics has been described as “through a lens of compassion and with the goal of helping other people.” His passion and energy inspired others to want to work with him. Abel was co-chair of Carleton University’s NDP club, campaign manager for NDP candidates in Ottawa, and President of the provincial and federal NDP riding associations for Nepean.

He worked in a homeless shelter, which he continued to do even after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Abel was also deacon in his church. In 2018, he was recognized as a National Volunteer Week Honoree for his work with children in the Eritrean community.

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