The Women in Sport program provides an avenue through which women athletes and coaches in the Ravens Community are given accessibility to equity practices in varsity sports, equitable resources, funding, and high transparency concerning women athletes.

“During my career, I’ve had the privilege of interacting with hundreds of women student-athletes, coaches and professional staff in recreation and athletics. Their talent, success and determination in the face of challenges and biases have always inspired me. With your support through the Women in Sport program, we can recognize and empower them while helping to build equal opportunity, visibility and representation for women in sport at Carleton and beyond.”

-Jennifer Brenning, associate vice-president (Recreation and Athletics)

The Background

The Women in Sport program seeks to help provide equity and accessibility in our athletics programs across campus. This will allow our women athletes and coaches to gain further opportunities in their sport, through resources such as training opportunities, nutrition and professional development. By supporting the Women in Sport program, donors can help propel our women athletes and coaches to succeed both on and off the field and inspire the next generation.

The Rollout

The funds will be used to support a variety of initiatives to help female athletes and coaches gain equal opportunity and resources in their sport. The funds will be used for a different focus each year within the Ravens community. For the 2023-2024 academic year, the focus will be to help fund our Ravens female assistant coaches in gaining coaching certifications and accreditations. Through these certifications, our female coaches will be able to grow professionally and gain further experience.

The Impact

The Women in Sport program seeks to have an ever lasting impact on the Ravens community, and athletics community as a whole. Through this program we will provide equal opportunity and recognition for women in sport and positively impact women’s development as athletes, students and professionals.

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