Give Carleton students the opportunity to truly realize their potential to contribute to the common good of our communities.

Scholarships and Bursaries reward exceptional academic achievement and make education possible for students with limited financial means. Your generosity helps ensure students receive the support they need to become leaders poised to use their education as a force for good in our local and global communities. This past year alone, donors helped establish 55 new bursaries and scholarships and 10,900 undergraduate students received a scholarship or bursary.



The Background

Carleton University is proud to have one of Canada’s best student aid programs, and alumni and friends of the university make this continued success possible. Donors may choose to establish a scholarship, which recognizes academic achievement, or may choose to establish a bursary, which supports those in financial need. Donors may also choose to designate their award toward a specific department or academic unit.

The Rollout

Student aid provides deserving students with transformative scholarships and bursaries, which supports equal accessibility to post-secondary education. Financial support means that every deserving student has an opportunity to learn and succeed. Thank you for making a world-class university education accessible to students from all walks of life.

The Impact

“Thanks to the Beverly Krugel Scholarship, I have been able to tuck into works by the likes of Heidegger, Hegel and Kant, and because of my donors’ generosity, I have been able to do so with undivided attention, free from the obligation of picking up extra shifts at work to cover the cost of these texts. The scholarship proved that donors believe in my education. Their kindness instilled in me a sense of confidence that continues to help me retain hope that despite the readings ahead and looming essay deadlines, everything will work out in the end – both in school and when I begin my career.”

– Molly McGuire, 4th-year student, Bachelor of Humanities Great Books program


Recent Backers

  • Anthony Frost

    Amount donated: $50

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    Amount donated: $50

  • Larry Lithwick

    Amount donated: $100

  • Mary McGuire

    Amount donated: $500

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    Amount donated: $500

  • Frank Song

    Amount donated: $300

  • Maryam Shahabi Far

    Amount donated: $35

  • Colin McKinnon

    Amount donated: $200

  • Jenelle Williams

    Amount donated: $20

  • Lee-Anne Hopkins

    Amount donated: $250

  • Marie Janine Debanne

    Amount donated: $400

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  • Jimmy Barker

    Amount donated: $1

  • Patricia Scott

    Amount donated: $50

  • Marc Dabros

    Amount donated: $250

  • Amanda Lelieveld-Amiro

    Amount donated: $5

  • Sarah McKinnon

    Amount donated: $5

  • Tommy Leung

    Amount donated: $50

  • Sandra Hassan

    Amount donated: $100

  • Brenda Brulotte

    Amount donated: $50

  • Wayne Brideaux

    Amount donated: $150

  • Kiwook Kim

    Amount donated: $500

  • David Oxley

    Amount donated: $50

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    Amount donated: $50

  • Liliane Dupuis

    Amount donated: $50

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