CU InSpace is an engineering design team that specializes in the production of high-powered rockets. Founded in February 2014, the team is comprised of a group of interdisciplinary undergraduate students across 13 departments with a common goal and passion. We design, build, and launch high power rockets to carry an 8.8 lb payload to an altitude of 30,000 feet above the surface of the Earth at two competitions each year.

Over our history, InSpace has successfully launched five rockets at the Spaceport America Cup and one at Launch Canada, and notably producing the first student-made supersonic flight vehicle from Carleton University. Four of our rockets have competed in the 10,000ft launch category while the 2023 launch vehicle became the first vehicle to compete in the 30,000ft category. In parallel, InSpace participated in the 2023 Launch Canada challenge, demonstrating the reflight of a previous vehicle. The team shares this passion with the wider community both at university as well as the Ottawa area. The passion for what we do extends to the competition, garnering the sportsmanship award at Spaceport in 2021 and team spirit awards at both Spaceport and Launch Canada competitions in 2023.

The Background

To foster innovation and hands-on learning in engineering and beyond for undergraduate students at Carleton University. By championing our campaign, you are supporting the next generation of engineers and innovators, enabling them to pursue their passion in a diverse and practical environment outside the classroom. Your contribution helps us to provide practical experiences, interdisciplinary collaboration, and opportunities for students to apply their academic knowledge to real-world projects.

The Rollout

The funds that are donated will be used by the team to purchase components and tooling that will help us build a rocket that is both flight-worthy and innovative. The money donated will also help us cover expenses associated with our participation in international competitions.

Launching rockets at two competitions annually is not a cheap endeavor and incurs costs that extend well beyond the required hardware and the rocket. From tooling and transportation costs to competition fees and long-term research and development – this myriad of additional involved logistics is only possible due to the generous donations from FutureFunder and our sponsors each year. In addition, funds from this campaign will also be used to purchase components outside the normal funding schedule of CU InSpace, this allows us to have more flexibility with purchasing critical components during the build process of the rocket.

The Impact

We provide a place for Carleton students to get practical and hands-on experience with engineering and design through the design and manufacturing of a clean-sheet flight vehicle each year. In addition, the team also embarks on multi-semester and multi-year project including, but not limited to: student developed hybrid rocket engines, novel parachute design, innovative onboard experiments. All of which provides students with relevant and transferable research, analysis, and testing experiences that extends well beyond their curricular course work.

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