The Association for Preservation Technology (APT) runs a student competition that challenges intercollegiate teams to document and analyze a historic timber bridge and build a scale model of the bridge using historic methods of assembly. Student teams work together for 8 months, to complete the 3 Phase competition which includes: site visits to document the historic bridge, historical research, preparation of a conservation report, detailed structural analysis, as well as design and construction of a model bridge which is presented and load tested at the annual APT Conference along side the other student teams.

The Background

Hands on projects and opportunities to network with industry professionals is an invaluable experience for students in developing both technical and soft skills. The Preservation Engineering Competition hosted by the APT, provides students the opportunity to work in an interdisciplinary setting and apply firsthand the principles and theories of engineering and architecture. It increases awareness of tangible rehabilitation issues such as spatial constraints, material properties, durability, construction processes, aesthetics, and conservation planning. By participate students will also develop their communication, teamwork, and presentation skills which helps develop well rounded graduates.

The Rollout

Money raised for this project will assist Carleton’s team with the purchase of construction materials and transportation to the conference in Montreal, Quebec. Additionally, funding will support incidental costs for student site visits, equipment rental, promotional materials and flyers, and the shipping of the bridge to the conference.

The Impact

This competition not only provides enriching experiences for the students that participate but also helps to spread awareness about the historically significant Timber Bridge that the team has selected to analyze, which is the Powercourt Covered Bridge in Quebec. This bridge is one of the oldest covered bridges in Canada and the only remaining example of a McCallum arched truss bridge. Through this competition our team will spread awareness about this unique structure and its importance historically, culturally, and architecturally.

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