WUSC Bursary for Student Refugees

The Rundown

The global refugee crisis has raised awareness around the world and on campus about the plight of migrants. In response to the crisis, universities across Canada are stepping up to provide support.

The World University Service of Canada and their chapters across Canada work to sponsor refugee students each year to give them the same access to education as Canadian students.Through a student levy, Carleton is able to sponsor refugees to come to Carleton University every year to pursue an undergraduate degree. With successful fundraising, Carleton is able to sponsor additional students.

A new student will be arriving in December – the funds from this project will ensure the successful integration of the student in order to supplement and support their living expenses, tuition, and food.

The Background

WUSC Carleton is a local branch of the World University Service of Canada. Through the Student Refugee Program, WUSC sponsors students every year through the student levy.

The first FutureFunder project supporting the WUSC Bursary for Student Refugees raised $25,000.00, and the Carleton University administration contributed another $15,000.00 through an academic bursary. The second project raised close to 5,000. As a result of the funds raised, two refugee students were welcomed to Carleton this year. This project allows members of the Carleton community and beyond to support the new student arriving in December.

The Rollout

Approximately $24,000.00 is needed to sponsor one refugee student.

WUSC Carleton is collaboratively working with faculties and student groups to raise funds. Funds have been contributed through the levy and savings from previous years to provide a meaningful and stress free introduction to Canada. Additional funds are needed for the incoming student.

The Benefits

The impact is clear – by supporting this project you are directly contributing to the potential of a refugee student to strive here at Carleton. This is your chance to make a difference.

All funds raised will go toward sponsoring a refugee student. The funds help cover all necessary expenses, including administration fees, tuition, housing, food, and other necessities for one year, as outlined by the sponsorship agreement.

The committee is also responsible for registering the sponsored student for their academic programs, finding housing, and providing academic and social support.


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