Carleton Varsity Swim Team

The Rundown

During the past twelve months, the Varsity Swim Team has made great strides.  In 2016 we had our first Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) national qualifier since 2006, we’ve broken 19 Carleton University records (some of which had stood since the 1980s), we had numerous athletes qualify for multiple finals at the OUA championships, and we’ve seen our team swell in size from just eight swimmers at the start of last season to more than 25 at this year.

Under head coach Brian Hill – a four-time Paralympian, Paralympic medalist, World Champion, and former world record holder – Carleton’s varsity swim program has undergone significant changes over the past year. As a way of honouring Carleton’s rich history, while ensuring future successes, Hill has asked the athletes to accept nothing less than excellence from their own performances, and that they aim to excel – both in and outside of the pool.

“Ensuring that the athletes push themselves is my primary objective,” said Hill. “I want them to be self-motivated, driven, and prepared to win at any moment,” he added.  “I’m convinced,” said Hill. “With hard work, some smart swimming, and a little guidance, these athletes will accomplish great things,” he added.

Your support and encouragement will be significant in helping our swimmers achieve their goals.

The Background

We’re asking that you donate, and that you commit to supporting the future of varsity swimming at Carleton University.

Our athletes are young, hard-working, vibrant and intelligent. They exude confidence, while nonetheless remaining humble. As a community, we look to these young individuals for hope, as vehicles for change, and as the successors to a prosperous future of their own making. We support them financially, emotionally and intellectually. With your assistance, we can ensure they meet their objective, and perform admirably while representing the best Carleton University has to offer.

The Rollout

After a successful campaign last year — see the thank you video provided, we are aiming to raise $15000 this year.

Initially, we would like to use the funds raised to purchase uniforms, and to assist athletes in covering the cost of travel to swim meets and training camps.

We hope to invest part of the funds to decrease the varsity swimmer fees.

The Benefits

With your support, Carleton Varsity Swimming will continue to succeed far into the future. As in the past, our athletes will continue to pursue both academic and athletic success, while nonetheless enjoying their newfound freedom and responsibility as young student-athletes.


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Go Ravens!

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As a swim team alum, I'm thrilled to see the team rebuilding. I wish you every success this year and moving forward -both in and out of the pool. Go Ravens!

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